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Hello,good afternoon.I give Spanish lessons for tourists or foreigners living in Cuba.

I have experience and my students have always obtained excellent results.

I give these lessons to everybody,but it would be good if you speak English because it is my second language and to give lessons with top-quality we need to understand perfectly to each other.Otherwise,I can give the lessons in French or Russian,but I can't assure as good communication as in English Language.

The price for each lesson is 5 CUC for 2 hours.I pay you all my attention and try you to get all the necesary knowledge for a good communication during your stay in this beautiful country.

I have good material,music and everything you need for learning as fast as possible.

These lessons can be given in the place where you stay or you can come to my house.I live in Santa Fe,Playa.

You can call me at any time to my number 53394507 and you can ask anything you want about the course.Your call is always very welcome.

Greatings and I wait for you.

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