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Methylamine Hydrochloride CAS 593-51-1


Methylamine hydrochloride / hcl cas 593-51-1




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CAS 593-51-1

Name: Methylamine HCL / Methanamine Hydrochloride

Appearance and character : White or light yellow crystalline powder

Storage conditions: low temperature, ventilation, dry, fire prevention, separate storage with oxidant and strong acid


Production methods

  1. The methylamine solution is cooled and added with pure hydrochloric acid, and adjusted to ph=2 ~ 3. After decolorization and filtration, decompression and concentration, the solution is further adjusted to ph=2 ~ 3, and then cooled and filtered to crystallize, which is the finished product.The equation is:


Used as an analytical reagent and also in organic synthesis;Used in medicine, pesticide, fuel and other organic synthesis of basic raw materials and oil fields.




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